Great Walks and Hikes in Dublin

Dublin has some gorgeous walks and hikes beyond Ticknock if you know where to look! These walks are all circular and will lead you back to your starting point.

1. Two Rock and Three Rock Mountain Loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Starting Point: Glencullen Adventure Park (GAP)

Length: 8.6KM Elevation: 860m Time: Approx 2 to 2.5 hours Map: Click here

Carpark: Busy – arrive early especially on weekends as it’s a popular Mountain Bike Trail. You must pay €2 when leaving. There are toilets.

Hike: This is a great hike with spectacular views of Dublin Bay and the Wicklow Mountains. It isn’t too difficult but it gets the heart rate up and can be challenging in places. It’s a diverse hike including portions of forest walk, stone uphills and flat board walk. The paths are interwoven with mountain biking trails. Keep an eye on the signposts and it can be mucky/snowy so hiking boots are recommended.

Eat: The GAP has a food area where you can get burgers, chips, hot drinks etc. Warm your hands and relax under the wooden cover with an incredible hot chocolate. Perfect for COVID hiking. Alternatively, the GAP is just a minute from the famous Johnnie Foxes Pub where you can get a well earned dinner. They are operating a takeaway service during Covid.

2. Slievethoul & Lugg Forest Trail (Loop)

Difficulty: Easy

Starting Point: West Dublin here

Length: 9km Elevation: 220m Time: Approx 2 hours

Carpark: There is no carpark but you’ll see cars parked along the side of the road here.

Hike: This is actually two forest walks combined in a figure of eight. It begins with a loop around Saggart Hill (4km) and then you walk a couple of minutes down the road and do a loop of Lugg Forest (5km). If you are only doing one then choose Lugg Forest. Saggart Hill isn’t particularly scenic as many trees have been cut down but it does offer good views over Kildare. Lugg Woods has better views and is a nicer walk overall. It is mucky so boots are recommended.

Eat: Grab a well deserved lunch in Saggart Village afterwards. I recommend the Anvil Restaurant or Carpe Diem.

3. Carrickgollogan & Barnasligan Loop

Difficulty: Easy (the Mountain Access route is a moderate climb uphill)

Starting Point: Here

Length: 5.1km Time: Approx 1.5 hours (including the Mountain Access Route)

Carpark: The carpark is very small. If it’s full you can also park by Barnasligan Forest but this carpark is small too.

This is a 5.1km loop trail encompassing two main walking routes: Carrickgollogan Lead Mines Way is a loop through the forest which leads you to the old lead mines chimney. On this walk you can also venture uphill along the Mountain Access Route to the top of Carrickgollogan hill and enjoy the incredible views of Dublin and Wicklow. When you complete this loop you can walk less than 5 minutes to Barnaslingan Wood and take the Scalp Lookout Trail which involves a relaxing walk through the forest and a detour out to the Scalp for even more beautiful views. The forest is beautiful and well worth a visit.

Eat: Farmer Browns in Kilternan is just a seven minute drive away or head for the coast to Platform Pizza and Box Burger in Bray (15 mins away).

More coming soon!

What’s your favourite walk/hike in Dublin?


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